"Our computer has been running crippled since overheating power supply and replacing the motherboard.  Then the whole system crashed.  We tried to fix everything ourselves, but our video editing programs were not communicating.  Then we found Your Computer Solutions.  They were very careful to save things that we needed saved.  They patiently went through loading programs, updating drivers and explaining things so we could understand what was going on.  After 3 days, we had our editing computer back up to speed.  Thanks !!
- - - Jim and Charlene Sullenberger
       Mountain Valley Video

"As a consultant working with clients nationwide, I depend heavily on the reliability of my computer.  My first encounter with Your Computer Solutions was with a failing desktop computer.  They took the time and had the expertise to sort out the issues and guide us to an efficient and effective solution.  On subsequent occasions, they have have been prompt in responding, patient in exploring the problems, highly proficient in applying technical knowledge to it, and helpful in evaluating alternative solutions.  Consequently, we have come to consider Your Computer Solutions as invaluable resource to our success in business and personal computing."
  - - - Mr. C. Joseph Carter
Carter Consultancy

“I was so impressed with Your Computer Solutions fast service and reasonable pricing that I will be recommending your services to friends. Usually the relationship I have with my PC is a “love/hate” relationship what with all the problems I’ve been experiencing. Now that your company has fixed my PC our relationship is nothing but love!  Thanks Guys!
         - - - Mrs. Jane Henderson

"Your Computer Solutions" - Duanne Geiler 828-279-3005 Duane has proven himself knowledgeable and relaint in handling both simple and complicated computer issues. In these days where we all depend on our computers so much, it was comforting to find someone in whom we could have complete confidence in.
Hugh and Mary Jo Shores

"We use Angie's List to assess whether we're doing a good job keeping valued customers like you happy. Please visit in order to grade our quality of work and customer service.
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